Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Evening primrose)
Has gained recognition for its therapeutic properties in the UK, Germany, Italy and other countries, where it is currently in use as a remedial treatment for atopy.
Arabinoxylan Compound (Bio-bran)
Degenerated hemicellulose (high molecular glucide) derived from rice-bran. Strong immunity activation has been found and is being closely monitored by the academic community.
Origo sugar
Increases beneficial intestinal bacteria and resistance to disease. Known to be useful against infections such as 0-157 coli.
An ingredient that occurs naturally in teas and is known to have anti-bacterial functions and to work against cancer. Increasingly attracting attention in the U.S.
Suddenly drew attention as an ingredient that "makes people smart". We are also finding that it has some effectiveness in the treatment of atopy and defective eyesight.
Chitin Chitosan
Chitin-Chitosan is a component that is contained in chitin of lobsters or crabs and has received attention because of its blood pressure regulating action, cholesterol regulating action and treating life-style-related diseases for immune enhancement.
Natto is more superior than medicine in terms of the fibrinolytic activity and has attracted interest all over the world as a food for promoting Japanese longevity.
Propolis has been traditionally utilized for years as a natural antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory or analgesic in Eastern European countries.
Lactobacillus regulates the balance of the intestinal bacterium plexus, and suppresses an increase of bad bacteria. It also contributes to improve immunity.
Indigestible Dextrin
Water-soluble dextrin is a remarkable material among Foods for Specified Health Use because of its effect against intestinal disorders, suppressive effect against increase of blood sugar and cholesterol lowering effect.
GABA (g-aminobutyric acid)
An amino acid widely occurring in nature, is now attracting attention for its effect in suppression of blood pressure elevation and its tranquilizing action.

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